[101] Basics


Project [101]  has been in existence since 2010, it was created as a fun way to create and experiment with our art and techniques.

Project 101 theme shows are open to artists and photographers of all experience levels. My focus is to provide an outlet for artistic experimentation and expansion within a broader community.  Not having the pressure of juries or judges, artists are free to delve into mediums and territories unexplored. I

encourage all to have fun with the experiments and invite artists and observers alike to strike up conversations with the artists about their processes and inspirations.

As a loose Co-op, Artists can maintain the control by only committing to timeframes or themes that pique their interest, 101 may even compel you to try your hand at a theme you’ve never even contemplated and see where your creativity takes you. The shows are a wonderful opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and talk to with the other artists or photographers and learn from each other or create new networking liaisons.

Overall, my goal is to provide a chance for the community at large to catch a glimpse of the many distinctive ways artists see and interpret the same topic. A well as to gIve new and old artists alike a chance to figure out some marketing stategies for creating a following by using their power of voice and working together to bring a more diverse and ever growing crowd of art afficiandos into the experience with us.

Next Show – October 1st    – Project : [MACABRE]

Sign up form for the next show available  >> Here

Shows are held approximately every 4 months at Howlin’ Hounds Coffee on 16th & Leavenworth

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