Doors have a been a

Anybody Home? Stacey Shukis Photography 8 x 10 $60





Journey Brenda Turner 11×14 print Digital Art Print $125
Pretty Little D[oor]s Stacey Shukis Graphite & Watercolor 14×10 $110
Passage Michael Pysh Acrylic 16×20 $300
Inferno Michael Shukis Mixed 10×24 $200
Gateway to Life Kevin Heesacker Acrylic on Canvas Paper 16×20 $60
Gateway Heather Peebles Mixed media on panel 12×24 $45
The Acrylic Looking Glass Kevin Heesacker Acrylic on canvas Paper 18×24 $100
d[oor]s in Coaster form Made to order Janet Mills $3.50 each or set of 4 for $12 $4.50 each for marble tiles 4 for $16
5 to 1 Corey Lundquist Acrylic 11×14 $85
Beliefs Althea Satterfield Archival Digital print 20 x 16 $85
This is the land of broken dreams Mike Machian Photo 20×30 $125
The way out is through Mike Machian Photo 20×30 $125
Just the Other Side of this D[oor] Mike Machian Photo 20×30 $125
Door #2 Lurking Becky Lee MAINLY ACRYLIC. MIXED MEDIA. 24X18 $400
Door #1 Peeking Becky Lee MAINLY ACRYLIC. MIXED MEDIA. 30 X40 $400
Logan Apartment Hotel Robert Puhl Photography 16×20 $45
Orchard and Wilhelm Warehouse Robert Puhl Photography 16×20 $45
Michigan Steel ECP Robert Puhl Photography 11×14 $45
Mill Street Plant Robert Puhl Photography 11×14 $45
Closet Heather Peebles Mixed media on glass 6.5 x 8.5 $20
Not to touch the earth Janet Mills Collage 18×18 Best offer ; )
Looking through to Reality Janet Mills Giclee print #2 of 25 18×24 $130
Cthulhu looking glass Danny L Owens Water color 22×15 $250
Express D[oor] Janet Mills Giclee on canvas, wire $100
Bombardier Beetles Danny L. Owens WATER COLOR 14X11 $120
Doorway to Hell Kevin Heesacker Acrylic on canvas Paper 16×20 $60
Untitled Michael Pysh Photograph 19×13 $75
Goblins on the brain Danny L Owens Watercolor 22×15 $200
Where to? Brandon Engel Photography 24×36 $150
In Through the back Door Bill Garbez Metal Paint & Photography 24×36
hinged mrkd
Hinged Brenda Turner 11×14 print Photographic Print $100


Doors have a been a popular subject matter in every genre over the years. Everywhere you look and go, be it physically or mentally, doors are doing their thing . Our fasination with the door has shown no limits or boundaries and its time we at Project 101 gave it a go.

Join 15 local artists of all walks for Art and Conversation at Howlin’ Hounds Coffee, and see what the last 4 months of interpretation and hard work has brought into the this world.

Open your minds to perception this September 20th from 6 – 9 pm and enjoy the next installation of Project 101 !

Contributing Artists :

Robert Puhl
Brenda Turner
Michael Pysh
Heather Peebles
Althea Satterfield
Kevin Heesacker
Mike Machian
Becky Lee
Corey Lundquist
Brandon Engel
Dan Owens
Michael Shukis
Bill Garbez
Stacey Shukis
And me Janet Mills