Janet Mills, Director & Creator of Project [101]

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Back in early 2010 I realized that what I, and many others I knew were missing, was a push to create new and exciting work. Most of us were lacking a feasible, fun way to keep art alive in our otherwise occupied worlds. Sharing what we feel was an integral part of us as individuals and filling the void from lack of artistic community was almost impossible.

Finding that the Omaha I knew didn’t have an open opportunity or space for people to do this I created Project 101 ~ the first show held was project [j]esus ( it was Easter it seemed apropos ) . It grew from there through straightforward themes like fish or hands & feet to more interpretive themes like animate inanimate and death.
The first reboot show, Born[again] was a collective show of all the past themes, as this was the first to be held not only outside of my personal studio but also after a brief hiatus.  I found it was only fitting to embrace a reincarnation themed title.

As we progress through the years and with every new exercise I am asking artists to transform something we all possibly see daily into something unique and fascinating.

This chance to view and create many interpretations of the common theme has proven quit popular for the artists as well as the aficionados.

101’s Broads, Dames & the [Occasional ] Femme Fatale  show is next. Join us for this take on mankinds most historic of themes

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