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Show Runs  October 1st – November 2nd   

ALL future correspondence
 will be via email ! please,  check regularly till art comes down 


On October 1st 2016
I will be participating in
PROJECT [101]’s : Macabre Show.

I am aware of the $25 to hang

3 pieces  with a  3’x5′ space maximum

additional pieces may be added @ $5 increments

Additional Art sizes 16×20 =  $5   or   18×24 = $10

PAYPAL LINK at end of form – make sure you receive confirmation! 

type in “submit” at the end of your information form and make sure the form has

Disappeared to insure you have submitted properly.   

Project 101 Omaha facebook  will post a list after the deadline, if your name is not on the list contact Janet Mills immediately

All art must be ready to hang with wire or sawtooth 

Please, have your contact information

on the back of every piece!

Is your art heavy? Sculpture?  contact Janet Mills @ email above to discuss options

   All art must be at  Howlin’ Hounds Coffee by

 2:00 the day of the show

or it will not be presented.

 Friday September 30th will be an official drop off evening

from   3-5 pm

Arrangements can be made to drop off before that day.

Titles and information for each piece required with return of this form

All art MUST conform to the theme. Any art clearly NOT conforming to the theme will be rejected and your fee will be forfeited  for time spent promoting non-conforming art / artists.

Also  understand that this is a public space, every effort to avoid damage or theft will be taken. In the unlikelihood of such an event, remember,  sometimes bad things happen and  understand you will not hold Janet Mills or Howlin’ Hounds’ Coffee liable
Sales are the responsibility of the artist.
In the event a buyer wishes to purchase and project 101 / Janet Mills is required to facilitate the credit card sale P101/ JM  will take a 20% commission off retail as well as any paypal fees

Howling Hounds will charge 25% for any credit card transaction to cover processing fees associated with 3rd party sale

Janet Mills will be photographing all art when received, these images will be posted on project101omaha websites  with sales information to facilitate online sales opportunities during run of show.

Thank you for your participation!

I ask the artists to also do their best to help promote the shows in any and every way they can. Fliers will be printed and available to all artists to further promote


Plan on having a Drop off / Hanging evening @ Howlin’ Hounds

 Friday September 30th  from 3-5

I will have a theme bottle of wine to be signed by artists

ANY medium is allowed, ANY interpretation of the designated theme. Please try and make sure it actually fits with the theme as opposed to just changing a title or something and calling it a themed work. I have a very open mind to interpretation and allow quite a lot of room to wiggle. Having said that my hand has been forced and if I cannot in any way find the theme in your work and you fail to convince me you will not be in the show and will forfeit your fees

This will be in a commercial business so a small bit of decorum is requested but not puritanical levels… if there is any question I will abdicate to Howlin Hounds Coffee’s wishes

All fees go towards Marketing and Presentation of show.  Fliers and posters will be designed and made available – look for email notifications 

 Macabre Show Will remain up for 1 month


If more questions: 

Preferred – or
402.960.8799 ~ Janet Mills…  Text or leave a message…

I work evenings , Most times I am not available to answer the phone

Janet Mills
Project [101]

size / quantity options

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